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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updates and Challenges

I ran 3 flat miles yesterday.  My knee was a tad tender towards the third mile, but I'm feeling optomistic that I am making steady improvement.  My official self-diagnosis is Petallar Tendonitis, I suspect brought on by too much running in Hokas (just a heads-up to anyone spending LOTS of time in them). 

I had a DNS at the Louisville Lovin the Hills 50k two weeks ago, but since I'd already thrown down the $, I thought it would be fun to go and hang out and get a different perspective on racing.  It was great to watch my friends crush the course and everyone said the race was fantastic.  However, trail running is not a great spectator sport, "Oh look there's Scott."  5 seconds later he is gone and the excitement is over, but at least you're out in the woods.

Its been good to have a little break from the 15 hour a week running lifestyle.  But now I want back in.  I've been doing my best to keep my fitness up by doing an hour a day on the treadmill, all uphill, 15% incline.  Its boring, really boring, but better than nothing, and it doesn't hurt the knee at all with my calves doing most of the work.  I've also been testing myself occasionally using the trail-runner uphill challenge as a measuring stick.  15 minutes at 15% incline, as far as you can go.  My last 3 attempts were 1.29 miles, 1.31 miles, and 1.35 miles.  What a fun workout...  Has anyone else tried this?  Its a fun way to realize how fast Sage Cannaday can climb. 

Anyways, if things aren't all healed up by the end of February I'll probably go loco and just decide to become a cyclist again, but hopefully that doesn't happen (mostly for my wallets sake). 

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  1. Toe, you might want to look into sports massage for the knee. Should really shorten the duration of downtime.