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Friday, November 11, 2011

Tomorrow is the day

The Western States 100 lottery opens up tomorrow.  I tried to get in last year, with no luck.  Part of me is glad that I didnt.  I think WS100 would be an overly ambitious first 100.  But now I have two 100s under my belt, and have finished them with decent times.  For me, that first 100 was brutal, the lows are really low, and I didnt know how to eat like I do now.  That being said, since I did enter last year, apparently I will get an extra ticket in the hat.  Last I heard, I will probably have an 11-12% chance of getting picked.  Who knows if I will get in, but I am cetainly gonna give it a try.  I wont get into too much into the debate about whether WS100 needs to update their lottery process, you can read about that over at http://www.irunfar.com/2011/11/supply-and-demand.html

I do think the best process would be to require a 100 mile finish before allowed to enter the lottery as well as tightening up the qualifying times (sure stratify them by age/gender) at specific races in each region.  Anyways, I cannot imagine anything I would rather spend $375.00 on than a chance to run WS.  Not to mention plane tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, etc.  It could mean $1000.00.

For those of you interested in WS100, enjoy these videos.

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