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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The month of June has shaped up to be a pretty good month of running for me.  Managed to run very consistently throughout and have lots of long long outings, even if the mileage isn't extraordinary.

June 3rd-9th:  Total of 98 miles, time on feet: 19:42, with 20,446 vertical gain.  Highlight of this week was climbing Grays and Torreys (Sufferfest for me) despite the fact that there was still quite a bit of snow cover.

Worth the view

June 10th-16th:  Total of 95 miles, time on feet: 21:18, with 19,907 vertical gain.  Ran up to South Arapaho peak one day in Indian Peaks Wilderness, pretty neat area.  Highlight of the week was a double crossing of Hope Pass with a group training for Leadville.

Hope pass x2 (boobies?)

Stole this from Ryan's instagram account

June 17th-23rd:  Total of 84.5 miles, time on feet:  20:30, and 18,602 feet vertical gain.  Supposed to be a "step-back" week, but between travelling to Oregon for a job interview, and 3 long runs, I'm not sure I achieved what I was supposed to, although I did feel exceptional on Sunday for a quadbag (Flagstaff, Green, Bear, and South Boulder mountains) with Ryan Case.  Definitely did not feel well recovered after this week.  Highlight of the week was a long run from Echo lake, up to Mount Evans and back down, with lots of wildlife.


June 24th-June 30th:  Total of 66.5 miles, time on feet: 10:15, 12,278 feet vertical gain.  "Taper" week for the Leadville Trail Marathon (report here).  Hard to cut back on running when having so much friggin fun...

Totals for June:  364 miles, 78 hours, 79,760 vertical feet gained.  Definitely a new high in the time on feet and vertical gain department, even if its at the sacrifice of running a few less miles.  I think a very solid June last year was about 15,000 feet of vertical gain, so I think that puts things in perspective a little more.  Not sure why I'm running so much, but it seemed to pay dividends at the Leadville Marathon.  Now for the Silver Rush 50 mile!  We will see what happens, I'll try to run a more conservative race than I did at the marathon in hopes of feeling good and keeping my wits about me for 8+ hours above 10,000 feet.

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