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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Running


One of my favorite sorts of "running" is true winter trail running.  I've had several very memorable runs in the snow that included a copious amount of powerhiking, and the overall pace was rather pathetic.  Nonetheless, those runs made me stronger, mentally and physically.  The endurance needed to cover 100 miles quickly comes not only from running lots of miles, but also from recruiting all sorts of muscles in your core and legs, then beating them up.

So, I was sad last year when we barely got any snow, in fact I recall not really being able to relish the challenge of deep snow running.  So when I woke up this week with Fresh Snow on the ground, I felt somewhat of a relief and quickly packed up some cookies and a camera and was off to Stinchfield Woods to play.

Not really much to say about it besides the fact that I look forward to more.  I think I spent a little over 4.5 hours running around, taking pics, exploring off trail and just doing my thing.

First, you should listen to some of the music that accompanied me on my run, then enjoy the photos posted.  I've been thoroughly enjoying Elle King's latest release "The Elle King EP"  You should check it out.  She has one of those voices.  And I think she could kick Adele's ass.

Gravel Pit

Wall of gravel pit

Fellcross'ing the gravel pit

Trail around the rim of the pit

Best.  Winter.  Shoe.


Fall then winter

I was wayyy off trail when I found this skull in a tree. Creepy? YES.

Frosted undergrowth had a glow about it

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