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Friday, November 16, 2012

Shaved Legs Look Sexy

Talked to my fellow runner friends who also keep the legs shaved.  Obviously the #1 reason was for the aerodynamic benefits.

Real(?) reasons to shave your legs.

Explanation #1.  I have leg  fur, not leg hair
  • After the poison ivy at my first Hell I couldn't shake the oil in the 'fur' and the rash continued. I shaved and the rash went away quickly.
Explanation #2.  In addition my wife wanted to stay quite close, so that was nice.
  •  Lets be honest, 93% of things men do is related to...  getting "closer" to women.  
Explanation #3.  Easier to get mud out.
  • I have a memory of a muddy huff 50k from 08' where my buddy was literally crying trying to pull the mud out of his leg hair.
Explanation #4.  Feels good.
  • I used to for cycling for road rash, but the best reasons I've heard are for getting massages.
  • I remember when I was a competative swimmer and we would shave everything (yes everything) before our championship meets.  There is no feeling quite like jumping into a pool with totally hair-free body.  Shaving my legs reminds me of that feeling.
    • Perhaps in this fashion, it is a part of my big-race/big-even routine.  Its strangely calming and gives me a confident feeling when my brain is trying to over-think a long run.

Reasons against shaving your legs.

Ewwww.  Stay manly. - one response from a lady ultrarunner (not sure why).  Is running 100 miles not manly enough?

"I happen to like my leg hair, I have alot so that makes up for the lack on my head, I have the perfect disbursement pattern, it is a fine hair nice and soft, it keeps me warm in the winter" 

So keep it, shave it, do what you like.  But just know, your legs wont look like these legs unless they're freshly shaven.

Ok, maybe this is a little vein

Can you tell whose legs aren't shaved?  2/3 ultrarunners shave their legs - fact.

Shaved legs trophy
Shave your legs not your face says Scott

Scott is really fast, probably because he shaves his legs.  He also has impeccable taste in singlets.
And just in case you get enough shaved man legs

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  1. ;)
    I think I'll give it a try.
    But maybe just before a race.
    It should be difficult to keep shaved legs everyday, it means shaving it once or twice a week. :O
    (My wife: "wax epilation is better, you want me to wax your legs?" ohh..)