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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Altra Superior

I just caught wind of the new performance trail shoe by Altra.  This looks like an awesome shoe.  I was interested in the Lone Peak, but the weight really turned me off.  This on the other hand comes in around 8-9 oz!
I first saw these on the Altra website, but wondered if they were just the new colorway for the Lone Peak

Very cool, love the ability to add and subtract from a shoe to make it adaptable to different types of terrain.

They seem to have a more aggressive "non-flat" shaped sole, but are zero drop of course.


Here is a nice link with some more info.  I will try to find out more as well.  Expect to see this shoe featured in many of the "new trail shoes" from Summer OR 2012 that just took place.

Sounds like the Superior is due out in early October or perhaps even September.  This would be great as it would allow for people to use them for the numerous late fall races that will be taking place.

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