"It never gets easier, you just go faster." - Greg Lemond

Monday, May 28, 2012

Great week (May 21-27)

Continuing to build for Mohican, I took advantage of a some holes in my schedule and lack of a vehicle to get in extra miles.  This week was mostly defined by the approach of trying to find the edge of my comfort zone during the last couple miles for each run.  It was definitely helped by the above average temperatures with a couple of the hotter days being between 85-90 degrees.  Manged a total of 152 miles.

Monday:  20 miles.  10 road miles to the lab in the am.  10 road miles home in the pm.  Found a new 3/4 miles of trail on my way home.

Tuesday:  18 miles.  8 miles at lunch in just under an hour.  10 miles on the trails in the evening.

Wednesday:  24 miles.  9 miles in the am before heading to the lab.  15 miles in the evening on the trails.  Really had to push myself to get the last 5 miles or so.

Thursday:  18 miles.  Day from hell, AT&T service scheduled between 8-12 in the morning, guy doesnt show up until 10:30, then it only takes him 15 minutes to give me a new modem.  Car appointment at 12, so then I ran 10 miles to the lab from the shop.  On my way to pick up my car I ran right into a new sidewalk i.e. wet cement, up to my ankles - not good for a pair of flats.  Used my water to clean them off, finished up my run with 8 miles, rather dehydrated, but made it to my car at the shop ok.

Friday:  18 miles.  Stinchfield Woods loop with Ryan Case.  Ive been asking him to show me around this quiet gem for a couple weeks.  Our schedules aligned this weekend and I was rewarded with a great new training ground, with some nice long hills and interesting stuff to look at. 

Saturday:  27 miles.  Tour of Ann Arbor.  A run Ryan and I had talked about, got to check out some awesome new trails in Ann Arbor.  This one had me hurting for sure.  Assuming my Garmin is accurate (yes, to whoever emailed me I do turn Elevation Correction on) we totaled nearly 3500 feet of vertical. 

Sunday:  27 miles.  Decided to see what I was made out of.  Weather forecast had it reaching 92 degrees, but I don't think it ever got much over 85.  Nonetheless it was super humid and I was soaked for much of the run.  Also, the biting flies are out earlier than ever this year.  The Poto beat me down on the first loop, but I think I was victorious on the second loop.

Feeling pretty good as I sit here on Memorial Day.  Not sure what to do with my next week.  I have the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon on Sunday, and while I would like to run a good time, I also want to keep the training volume up for Mohican.  Tough call, we will see what happens.  

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  1. Thanks for posting that map of the Tour of Ann Arbor. I never knew about the trail off of Whitmore Lake Rd that goes under M14. It's the path I've been wanting to find to connect up to the trails on the North side of town. I had a great run on Sunday checking it out.

    Good luck at Mohican this weekend. I'm doing the 50 so maybe I'll see you out there.