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Thursday, February 2, 2012

January 2012

With the start of the new year, I have decided to make an effort to record my training in a little more detail.  To motivate myself I think I will wrap up each month by posting here.

Coffee and ice cream fueled my high mileage January
January has been...  very strange by Michigan standards.  Last year I remember logging (or slogging) miles through shin deep snow and loving the burn and challenge of new terrain.  This year, its been warm, relatively snow-free, and more icy than I remember.  That being said, conditions have been supported of higher mileage, albeit lower intensity running.  One of my absolutely favorite things about the winter is that I can run for 2-3 hours without having to carry water, although this usually results in me not taking a gel and having to fight through those low spots.

nice view at Bear Mtn.

I haven't raced since the HUFF 50k (I should probably publish my race recap sometime), which has left me feeling fresh enough to continue to put in solid mileage.  I started the new year off with a bang, and really decided to build upon the great start to 2012.  Also with advent of the new year comes NEW SHOES!  spring shoe season is upon us.  The shoe I was most excited for was the MT110, and it has not disappointed.  most of the miles I have logged in January have been in the MT110, Asics Gel Hyperspeed 4, or Montrail Rogue Racers.

January  1 14
January  2 16
January  3 19
January  4 18
January  5 14
January  6 18
January  7 20
January  8 18
January  9 10
January  10 17.5
January  11 15
January  12 0
January  13 20
January  14 11
January  15 9
January  16 11.5
January  17 13.5
January  18 13
January  19 11
January  20 0
January  21 35
January  22 18.5
January  23 16
January  24 15
January  25 11
January  26 15.5
January  27 16.5
January  28 21
January  29 26
January  30 0
January  31 19

Total miles for the month was 462, which was 98 miles more than I ran in Jan 2011, this is a good thing I think.  Long runs were not too evident as I only had one day with over 30 miles, but B2B weekend efforts have me hoping my endurance remains constant.  Slightly deceiving is that I have no idea how much vert I put in, at one point I was making an honest effort to practicing climbing on the deadmill, as well as hitting up the Poto, and my new trail system in Ann Arbor, linking some pretty steep trails together.  Also with Bear Mountain, I felt like I was working my climbing.  Alas, I have no idea if I am a stronger climber, but at least I have more confidence on the climbs.  I think I will be put to the test at the Louisville Lovin the Hills 50k (7000 feet of climbing???), which is rapidly approaching.

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  1. 462...killer month! You're up 100 from your 350 last January, while I'm down 100 from my 350 last January! Oh well. Keep rockin it man!