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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My MT100/101 collection

I bought my first pair of MT100s when they were first released in Jan. 2010.  While not entirely sold on the idea of running long ultras in minimal shoes, the MT100 seemed to provide ample protection in a lightweight low profile package.  The internet is saturated with reviews of these shoes so I dont plan on going too in depth about my feelings.  Instead, I will share what has become my awesome collection of MTs.

I now own 7 pairs of 100/101s (youre welcome new balance).  My first pair were black and yellow, used for a lot of road running so the outsole has become rather smooth in the forefoot.  After realizing that I had comprimised the traction on my BY pair, i bought an orange pair and decided they would be resevered solely for trails and racing.  This pair served me loyally through many races and training miles in 2010, but eventually the mesh tore on the outsides of the toe box.  When Anton Krupicka visited our local running store I asked him to sign these bad boys.  Needless to say I dont run in them anymore.

In the time between August and October when the MT101 was released it became next to impossible to find any MT100s.  This is when I bought my first pair of WT100s.  Size 12 womens seems to fit me pretty good.  I still run in these occasionally.

Somewhere along the way I tried to cobble a pair of MT101s by hacking the heel off (terrible idea I am not patient enough to do a good job).  So I had to get a new pair of MT101s.  These black beauties lasted me nearly 1500 miles in 2011 including Ice Age 50 mile and the first 100k at Kettle Moraine.  Sadly I blew them out racing Jason up a hill.

Scrambling for a new race shoe I bought a pair of WT101s size 12 again.  Mostly because I wanted a pink shoe.  Go figure.  Lastly, anyone who has run in the MT100/101 on wet hard pack single track knows its like ice skating.  This is the type of trail I spend a lot of time on, and if its raining on race day, really leaves me wondering about wearing 101s.  Therefore I grabbed a pair of european MT101s (MTE101) with the aggressively lugged outsole.  They are actually very different from the american version and I have yet to decide whether I like the differences or not.  They do seem more flexible but might not have a rock plate...   However, they do have great traction.

Anyways thats my overzealous MT collection.  Super excited for the updated MT110!
Super lugs
MTE101 on the left MT101 on right

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